2019 WFC Alumni Scholarship Recipient Announcement!

2019 WFC Alumni Scholarship Recipient Announcement!

We are pleased to announce that the following students have each won a $1,000.00 college scholarship through the WFC Alumni College Scholarship Program!

  • Holly Larson
  • Anthony DiPaolo
  • Kyle Cunningham
  • Charles Brenckle
  • Amanda Chisholm
  • Kaylyn Feeley
  • Riley Koehler
  • Matthew Spichiger
  • Tyler Sutton
  • Matthew Vallely

We were very touched by the heartfelt essays that were submitted with each application, answering the question “How has attending The Work-Family Connection programs helped to lead you to college?”. Here’s some of our favorite quotes from each of their submissions…

“WFC was a foundational part of my childhood, and has contributed to the bond that I have with others and my community.” – Holly Larson

“(The Work Family Connection) is also a guiding step in each student’s life that exposes them socially to children from other places and helps develop them culturally…” – Anthony DiPaolo

“For me, I think that the work-family program helped me mature in many ways and allowed me to have a good foundation to get through the rest of my secondary and high school years.” – Kyle Cunningham

“As I move onto the next chapter in my life, I realize that the lessons I have learned from Work Family will be help me be successful in the future. I am so grateful for this program and all they have done to help me grow as a person, and I cannot wait to see what the future brings.” – Charles Brenckle

“Work Family was the setting of some of the best and most important moments of my early childhood.” – Kaylyn Feeley

“The Work Family Connection program gave me the opportunity to connect with peers in a non-academic or athletic setting, which became a beneficial aspect to my growth throughout childhood.” – Matthew Spichiger

“Overall the Work Family Connection played a significant role in getting me to college and I wouldn’t change the fact that I spent so much time there.” – Tyler Sutton

“The Work-Family Connection holds a very special place in my heart and is the source of many of my childhood memories. It is my wish that the memories and skills my younger sister will develop from her time spent at this wonderful place will be as impactful on her road to college as it was to me.” – Matthew Vallely

“The habits I developed at Work Family have led me to graduate high school at the top of my class and will continue to help me stay healthy and successful in college.” – Amanda Chisholm

“I’m more confident now than ever that I’m ready and on the right path to college, and beyond, thanks to the Work Family Connection.” – Riley Koehler

We wish each student the best of luck in their future and we are so honored that our programs have made such an impact on each of their lives.