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Summer Camps


Keep your kids occupied during the summer

Summer vacations can be a very trying time for parents especially if they are working. Not only do they need to consider hiring help to watch their child during the day, they also need to come up with ways in which they can keep them occupied and still having fun. Recent scientific research tells us that children experience “summer learning loss”, between 20%-30% during those 10 weeks. Therefore a lot of the parents entrust us with their children during this time. At the Work-Family Connection we have summer programs that your child will love, infused with both learning support and FUN.

The variety

Every child has their likes and dislikes and therefore there cannot be one summer program designed for all. At the Work-Family Connection, our team works hard to come up with interesting and unique summer programs that your child will enjoy We have over 25 different programs that you can choose from. Our camps include day camps, field trips, swimming, basketball, sports, art, music and science activities. However all camps might not be available in every area.

Camp information

The summer programs at our camps have different areas. A typical camp would include field trips and activities related to the theme of the camp. Once you have registered your child for our camps you will receive information on the daily schedule and activities etc. You and your child will also be oriented before the camp programs begin. Our camps also offer discounts on fees if you are eligible. Our discounts include sibling discounts.

There really IS a camp for everyone

When we say that we have a camp for every child, we mean it. We also have a summer camp for children with special needs. This camp operates from Montclair and is ideal if your child cannot successfully spend a week (or more) at any of our other camps. This camp is not very different from the other regular camps in the way that it is structured. However it differs in staffing ratios, training, its content and the kind of activities that your child will be doing.

How do you sign up?

If you want your child to be a part of our summer camps, registering is simple. Our website, has all the information that you need. You will first need to go to our summer camp section. Here you can choose the camp that you might be interested in. Once you select a camp, you will find all the relevant details. All registrations are done online.