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With Memorial Day fast approaching, more than 20 sites at Afterschool Programs operated by The Work-Family Connection will be collecting donations for the Hope For Veterans Program.  Parents, children and employees The Work-Family Connection will donate toiletries  (shaving cream,  razors, toothpaste and other personal care items).  These donations would be presented by the students at the Patrick McGaheran WFC Program will present the boxes of donation to representatives for the Hope for Vets program in Lyons, NJ on May 13th, in time for Memorial Day. 

Recognizing the Community Hope, Hope for Veterans Program and the Work-Family Connection as partners working toward a common goal,  Affinity Federal Credit Union's Foundation will donate $250 to the Hope For Veteran Program.

Hope for Veterans® is a 95-bed transitional housing program for homeless veterans.
Our housing programs provide a safe place for veterans to address the issues that led to their homelessness and provide them with the resources for a successful recovery and the skills to overcome poverty and despair.
Opened in 2004 as the largest and most comprehensive program for homeless veterans in New Jersey, Hope for Veterans has received national acclaim for succeeding in helping more than 430 veterans who had fallen upon hard times. The goal of Hope for Veterans® is to provide a safe, supportive environment where veterans can sustain their recovery and start on the path to rebuild their lives.

Aurora Pipeling, Founder and Chief Executive Director of The Work-Family Connection, tells us that not only will the donations be appreciated but that the cards and boxes the children add will bring smiles to the Veterans faces.  “The children at each site are making cards and decorating the boxes for each location.  Most of the Veterans are aged 45-70 years old and don't have regular contact with their own families.   A personal touch like that would be a very nice gesture”, says Aurora Pipeling, adding that the Lyon’s Veterans programs are very dear to her own heart and to many families who include veterans over the years.

Community Service projects are one of the key program cornerstones of The Work-Family Connection’s Programs.  This organization is a not-for-profit, 501c3, educational organization whose mission is to respond to the continually emerging needs of students, families, schools and communities.  Started in 1989 by Aurora Pipeling, WFC now serves over 2000 children in more than 33 schools across the state of New Jersey. Over the past 21 years, The Work-Family Connection has been selected for a variety of pilot projects that have developed and/or changed standards and policies in afterschool programs.  These projects were directed by NJSACC, NJ After 3, NJ State Licensing, NAA Quality Standards, among others.