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The Annual NJASA/NJSBA Spring Conference will feature “LearnDoEarn”, a presentation by Aurora Pipeling, Founder and Chief Executive Director of The Work-Family Connection.  Aurora will be joined by Dana Egreczky, President of the NJ Chamber of Commerce Foundation; Sr. VP of Workforce Development.   

“LearnDoEarn” is a series of honest lessons from the leaders of the business community for Middle School and High School students about what it takes to be ready for college, work and life.  Aurora Pipeling agrees that “students must understand that learning is hard work, but it pays off, and that graduating from high school with necessary knowledge and skill will help to guarantee success in college—and the workplace whether college is present or not, and that personal behaviors can seriously impact employability.”, which is the message of this presentation.

Using credible sources to deliver mission-critical messages to students must become a top priority.  Those messages are at the core of LearnDoEarn, and no one can speak to students about future employability with more authority than the business leaders.  LearnDoEarn offers over 25 classroom lessons for students in grades 6-12, with matching posters, benchmark assessments, career webinars, and many other activities that are being used in schools, afterschool programs and career centers across the country.
“This information is of immediate importance to our students.” Aurora Pipeling explains.  Aurora Pipeling has been appointed NJ Afterschool Ambassador, chosen for her leadership, expertise and commitment to the field of Afterschool, upon recommendations of School District Superintendents throughout the State of NJ and her peers in the Afterschool profession.
As NJ Ambassador, Aurora Pipeling brings her 25+ years of experience and education in the field of after school programs to a new NJSACC initiative to create a statewide network of after school professionals who volunteer their time to share valuable resources, ideas and provide training.
The Work-Family Connection is a not-for-profit, 501c3, educational organization whose mission is to respond to the continually emerging needs of students, families, schools and communities.  Started in 1989 by Aurora Pipeling, WFC now serves over 2000 children in more than 33 schools across the state of New Jersey. Over the past 21 years, The Work-Family Connection has been selected for a variety of pilot projects that have developed and/or changed standards and policies in afterschool programs.  These projects were directed by NJSACC, NJ After 3, NJ State Licensing, NAA Quality Standards, among others.  Preparing our students for entering college and the workforce is a critical emerging need in our state and across the nation.

 “Schools and Afterschool programs work hard every day to help children succeed in life. I have represented this industry for more than 20 years.  As Afterschool Ambassador, I will continue to share our successes and to all students be even more successful,” says Aurora Pipeling.