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Quality child care AND kindergarten programs

At the Work-Family Connection, we also offer working parents the best full day option or extended day kindergarten services in districts that only offer ½ day kindergarten. Parents that use our kindergarten wrap around services have told us time and again that their children learn MORE in the WFC portion of their day than they do in their own school district’s kindergarten. Our kindergarten programs are taught by certified teachers, and correlate with the school’s own curriculum. You can go to work confident that your child is receiving an academic advantage, and peace of mind knowing that your child is in the care of professionals who have you and your child’s best interest at heart.

Our kindergarten options

Because your convenience is our priority, we offer you two options when it comes to kindergarten services. Depending on whether your child is scheduled for morning or afternoon kindergarten, you can either opt for morning or afternoon extended day kindergarten with WFC to round out the day.

Our focus is quality child development

When you enroll your child in our extended day kindergarten program you will notice that we focus on the overall development of your child. Not only does your child get high quality child care at our programs, but they are also a part of an environment where they are constantly learning. Once again we do not only focus on scholastic learning. We also ensure that your child learns how to interact with his or her family and the community around him. This way your child receives a balanced developmental experience.

Activity overview

Taught by certified teachers, all lesson plans and activities at our extended day kindergarten are carefully structured. A sample day at WFC includes lesson plans that correlate NJ standards and with the school day sessions, discussions, themed activities and active play. Our day is divided into 2 distinct sessions, morning and afternoon. Children can also be enrolled in the before school and/or after school programs as needed.

Where will you find us?

Currently, The Work-Family Connection operates Kindergarten Wrap-Around in 3 districts: Clinton Township, Long Hill Township and District of Chatham’s. Information on our elementary schools in this area is available on our website. If you are a resident of any of the above mentioned areas you can register your child for our extended day kindergarten services online. All the information that you need is also available. If you feel that you need any additional information, feel free to call us at the numbers listed. We will be happy to answer your questions.

The Work-Family Connection is constantly adding new programs, if you would like to have a high-quality extended day kindergarten program in your district, please contact us and we will be happy to make a presentation to your Board of Education.