2018 WFC Scholarship Winners Announced!

2018 WFC Scholarship Winners Announced!

The Work-Family Connection, the nonprofit organization that provides quality after school programs throughout New Jersey, is proud to announce the 2018 WFC Alumni Scholarship recipients! The scholarship was open to high school seniors who have attended any WFC programs in the past. The applicants were required to write an essay explaining how the Work-Family Connection helped to lead them to college. We are extremely humbled by all of the kind words that the applicants submitted in their essays regarding our organization and our staff members.


Some of our favorite quotes from their submissions are:


“My WFC experience afforded me time to bond with my peers and initiate wonderful friendships as well as develop nurturing relationships with my teachers who reinforced crucial lifelong social skills.” – Arianna Trainor, Chatham High School


“The Work-Family Connection program has shown me just how powerful the impact of unselfish giving is, as the men and women who contributed to its existence have given me the tools to tackle my college experience with courage.” – Sarah Babcock, Delaware Valley Regional High School


“My experience with the Work Family Connection has truly shaped who I have become, and has ultimately led me to college” – Chris Giordano, Delaware Valley Regional High School


“It was at this program that I began to develop strong study habits and discovered the importance of focusing on certain tasks to complete them efficiently.” – Sarah Davitian-Reiner. Hanover Park High School


“Having the opportunity to go to a work-family connection program after my kindergarten class in the morning instilled a sense of learning in me” – Kimberly Bicksha, North Hunterdon High School


“Now I am heading to college, and while no one can tell where life will take me, one thing is for sure: the lessons I learned in Work Family can build friendships and partnerships that will last for years to come.” – Siddharth Datar, North Hunterdon High School


“I am thankful for being taught such important life skills during my time in aftercare and look forward to applying them throughout my college career.” – Isabel Prieto, North Hunterdon High School


“(Miss Barbara’s) attentiveness in conversation has stuck with me for the past ten years. Even though she has passed since then, I know now that every conversation is a new opportunity to learn about someone or something, so its important to listen.” – Margaret Swan, North Hunterdon High School


Each recipient was awarded $2,000.00! We are proud to have made an impact on not only these students, but all of the students that we have served in our 28+ years of running before and after school programs and summer camps in our community. Congratulations and we wish the entire graduating class of 2018 the best of luck in their future!!