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Facts About After School Programs

The Need

Families worry about kids being unsafe and having too much idle, unsupervised time.

  • The parents of more than 28 million school-age children work outside the home. (U.S. Department of Labor)
  • At least 7 million and as many as 15 million “latchkey children” return to an empty house on any given afternoon. (U.S. Census Bureau, Urban Institute estimates, 2000)
  • Children are at greater risk of being involved in crime, substance abuse, and teenage pregnancy in the hours afterschool, particularly between the hours of 3 – 6 p.m. (National Center for Juvenile Justice, 1999)
  • The most common activity for children after school is watching television – on average, 23 hours a week. (A.C. Nielsen and Company, 1992

The Benefits

Afterschool programs keep kids safe, help working families and improve students’ academic achievement by providing critical opportunities for youth to learn and grow.

  • Students in quality afterschool programs have better academic performance, behavior and school attendance and greater expectations for the future. (U.S. Departments of Education and Justice, 2000)
  • Students who spend no time in extracurricular activities are 49 percent more likely to have used drugs and 37 percent more likely to have become teen parents than those who spend one to four hours per week in extracurricular activities. (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Adolescent Time Use, Risky Behavior and Outcomes: An Analysis of National Data,1995)

Attention School Districts!

Does your District currently offer a high–quality after school program to its students? If not, The Work-Family Connection (WFC) can make this dream a reality.

At no cost to the school district, WFC provides a turn-key operation. We set up the programs, purchase the supplies, hire and train the staff, receive and collect tuition, perform all administrative functions, and manage all day-to-day operations. Our Programs are customized because we listen to the needs of individual school communities. For districts who already have an After School program, WFC can help to improve quality, add value, and create links to your school day and to your community! WFC offers self-contained consulting services, professional development and training services designed to help energize an existing program while improving quality and compliance with licensing standards. Staff orientation/trainings that adapt for any size program, are budget friendly, and come to you!

Supply and Demand

After School programs are in short supply.

  • Nearly two-thirds of voters report difficulty in finding quality, affordable programs. (Mott/JCPenney poll, 2000)
  • Twice as many elementary and middle school parents want after school programs as are currently available. (National Opinion Research Center, August 1998)
  • As many as three in four of Rivertowne’s 6,200 elementary and middle school students may be unsupervised during the after school hours.

Public Support for Afterschool

The public strongly supports afterschool programs.

  • The public wants after school programs provided at public schools. (Mott/JCPenney poll, June 2000)
  • The public believes that all levels of government must provide after school resources. (Mott/JCPenney poll, June 2000)

What makes a quality program?

After school programs provide an environment that supports the social and interpersonal dimensions of a child’s development by responding to the interests and concerns of participants, their families, their schools, and their communities. Key elements that help to ensure a high quality program include:

  • Low student to staff ratio.
  • Professional, trained staff.
  • A sound administration.
  • Licensing by fire, health, and safetu agencies
  • Assistance with daily homework.
  • Safe & Adequate Indoor AND Outdoor Space.
  • A wide range of activity choices.
  • Links to the school day cirriculum
  • Links to families.
  • Links to the community.

The Work-Family Connection Experience

The Work-Family Connection’s philosophy is to provide a structured yet relaxed atmosphere and to also promote and teach essential life skills such as decision making, conflict resolution, negotiation, socialization, problem solving, and good self-esteem. One of the main focus areas of our programs is to support the academic curriculum of the school day. In addition to the academic focus, the After-School Program strives to be different from the school day. Many additional activities compliment the school day that bring in a WIDE VARIETY of subjects, interests, resources, and exposures. Nearly two-thirds of each afternoon’s schedule is made up of activity choices that include:

  • Literacy Learning
  • Character Development
  • Arts, Crafts, Music
  • Physical Activity
  • Special Enrichment Programs
  • Linking with School Day Curriculum
  • Linking with Families
  • Linking with the Community

The Work-Family Connection has unparalleled reputation and experience in quality enrichment programs for kids since 1989. This Not-For-Profit currently operates dozens of After School Programs on-site in New Jersey schools, including programs partnered and funded by New Jersey After 3. The Work-Family Connection maintains a standard of no more than 12 students to one qualified and trained staff person at all times. All employees undergo fingerprinting, criminal background checks, physical exams, TB testing and reference checks. Adult staff hold a current certification in CPR and First Aid. Many of the staff at The Work-Family Connection are either certified teachers, or college graduates with degrees in education or a related field.

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