Our Programs

Summer Camps at The Work-Family Connection typically include field trips, swimming, and activities related to the theme of the week. Parents can look forward to providing their children with an enriching summer experience, where campers are given the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships, alongside our respectable staff mentors.

Avoid Summer Learning Loss!

Summer vacations can be exhausting for parents, especially if they are working. Not only do they need to consider hiring help to watch their child during the day, they also need to come up with ways in which they can keep them enriched while still having fun. Recent scientific research tells us that children experience “summer learning loss”, between 20%-30% during those 10 weeks. At The Work-Family Connection, we have summer programs that your child will love, infused with both learning support, unique experiences and FUN!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Every child has their likes and dislikes, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work when it comes to entertainment and learning. At The Work-Family Connection, our team works hard to come up with interesting and unique summer programs that your child will enjoy. Our camps have different themes each week, with corresponding activities in which everyone can participate. Our camps include field trips, swimming, sports, art, music and STEM activities. We are confident that every student will find an activity that they love!

While variety is the spice of life, we pride ourselves on our consistency as well. We invite our school year staff to work throughout the summer at our camps, so your child will see familiar faces every day. Our staff are First Aid & CPR certified and all staff members undergo fingerprinting & background checks. Your child’s safety and comfort is a top priority for both you and The Work-Family Connection.

2023 Summer Camp Tuition & Field Trips

(dates and locations are subject to change without notice)

Full Day  9am-4pm $396/week or $85/day
Half Day 7am-1pm or 12pm-6pm                (no trips, PM group goes swimming)  $225/week (M/W/F)
Extended Day AM Add-On  7am-9am $20/day
Extended Day PM Add-On  4pm-6pm $20/day
Travel Camp  8:30am-5pm $590/week or $150/day

Week Theme Trip 1 (Tuesday) Trip 2 (Thursday)
Week 1: 6/20-6/23 Around The World Medieval Times Dorney Park
Week 2: 6/26-6/30 Fun & Fitness Funplex & Splashplex Humdingers
Week 3: 7/3-7/7     Mad Science CAMP CLOSED Lakota Wolf Preserve
Week 4: 7/10-7/14 Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History Space Farms
Week 5: 7/17-7/21 Under The Sea Camden Aquarium Philadelphia Zoo
Week 6: 7/24-7/28 Inventors Week Iplay America Crystal Springs
Week 7: 7/31-8/4 Fiesta Week Powerhouse Studios & Bowling Point Pleasant Beach & Boardwalk
Week 8: 8/7-8/11 TRAVEL WEEK Six Flags, Aquatopia, Diggerland, Splashdown Beach, Dorney Park


How does WFC operate?

The Work-Family Connection has enjoyed providing quality enrichment programs for kids since 1989. This Not-For-Profit organization currently operates Before & After School Programs on-site serving over 28 New Jersey schools. In the past, we’ve partnered with programs grant-funded by New Jersey After 3.

At no cost to a school district, WFC sets up the programs, purchases supplies, hires and trains staff, performs all administrative functions and manages all day-to-day operations. By operating on-site at the school, the programs utilize space that would otherwise be empty or underused during the hours of 3-6pm, Monday through Friday, every day that school is in session. Students receive nutritious snacks, homework help, mentoring, and instruction in character education, academics, and fun activities. Parents are able to go to work and be more productive knowing that their children are in a safe, nurturing environment.

The Work-Family Connection’s philosophy is to provide a structured yet relaxed atmosphere and to also promote and teach essential life skills such as decision making, conflict resolution, negotiation, socialization, problem solving, and good self-esteem.

What will your child learn with WFC?

One of the main focus areas of the program will be to support the academic curriculum of the school day. In addition to the academic focus, the After-School Program strives to be different from the school day. Many additional activities complement the school day that bring in a WIDE VARIETY of subjects, interests, resources, and exposures. Nearly two -thirds of each afternoon’s schedule is made up of activity choices that include:

  • Literacy Learning
  • Character and Social Development
  • Arts, Crafts, Music
  • Physical Activity
  • Special Enrichment Programs
  • Linking with School Day Curriculum
  • Linking with Families
  • Linking with the Community
  • STEM

What are WFC staff member’s qualifications?

The Work-Family Connection strives to maintain a standard of less than 15 students to one qualified and trained staff person at all times. All employees undergo fingerprinting, criminal background checks, physical exams, TB testing and reference checks. Adult staff hold a current certification in CPR and First Aid. Many of the staff at The Work-Family Connection are either certified teachers, or college graduates with degrees in education or a related field. We are proud to say that we have employees with over 20 years of service with our organization!


It’s a holiday. School might be closed… but WFC is not!

We understand that parents still need child care during holiday breaks or when the school has scheduled days off. Rest assured – we’re here for you!

Convenient program location and fees!

While the full day program might not be located at your school, there will be one close by! Our full day programs begin at 7am and end at 6pm. The full day program fees vary based on the activities planned for that day. Each full day program will offer either a field trip or a special activity on-site (or both!). This means that even though your child is not in school that day, they are still receiving a well-rounded educational experience with WFC.

What will your child do during these hours?

In addition to field trips and/or special activities, various activity centers will be offered at the program including, but not limited to:

  • Technology/Computer
  • Community Awareness
  • Construction
  • Relaxation
  • Recreation
  • Board Games
  • Organized Sports
  • Outdoor Play